Meru Communications

Meru is a communications bureau that started from a desire to facilitate political innovation. Innovation in public governance is a real passion for us as we believe it’s the basis for true social innovation.


Designing purposeful meetings and dialogues

Want a healthy business and organisation? Learn how to harness the wisdom and engagement around you. Let’s do it together.

What we aspire to

Working for political innovation may sound like a grand idea, but it’s a grand idea we believe in, that inspires and informs what we do. All grand ideas consist of many little steps, and we’re as passionate about each step as about the larger picture.

Political innovation means reshaping our public life and political system so as to better serve the needs and aspirations of both public servants and citizens. It means shaping our systems with its purposes in mind.

We therefore aspire to create public spaces where we can think together. When we think together, we understand together – and we are able to act together in new ways. Alone we can do something, but together we can create wonderful things. Let’s join forces.

Work in progress

Our site is not yet ready – do contact us for more information – details are below. We look forward to hearing from you.